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Tonight on Perth a current affair!!
Dero rockingham mothers loud and proud!!! I cant believe
they went on TV!!! lol

I feel ashamed to live in rockingham!!!!
Young mums already cop heaps of crap grrrr
I feel sorry for there children

I know. I think its on Today Tonight too. I saw it and said to DF, i can guarantee they are from Kwinana or Rockingham, and low and behold, Rocko! I said to DF they reckon they are Bogans and proud of it, well im sorry to break it to them, they ARE NOT bogans, they are just white trailer trash!!! My lord!

Dont worry hun, i live in Orelia, Kwinana, and i get the whole disapproving looks when i mention where i live, but mehhhh whatever.................
A few years ago "Rocko" was the single parent capital of Australia thanks to the naval base there. It's always had a bit of a dodgy name but I thought it was getting better. Obviously not. lol
Yeah I saw it to! Very sad = They were saying they are proud to wear their pjs to the shops. Like Jade said, that's not bogan, that's white trash.

It's ok Jadey, I'm moving to Kwinana in a few months =]

Hey you should see Rockingham City LOL Oh my god, is all i have to say LOL
We went there the other week for the first time in years and it hasnt changed, still (what looks like to me) 13 year olds with pregnant bellies and pushing prams around etc LOL
And then to top it off, me DF and DS were eating in the food court and a fight broke out with chuck norris style kicks to the head and screw driver brandishing LMAO!!! Classy!
Its sad though hey, I Couldn't believe it!
Iam glad to hear I am not the only one!

eww I hope I dont see them around!

Hmmmm I am guilty of wearing my uggies to the deli, does that count??

Chris mentioned a few times that he has seen women down the shops here wearing their jammies and uggies at 3 o'clock in the arvo. I'm sure I'll fit right in lol lol.
rockingham shops is good... its the people there lol!!!!

[Edited on 13/08/2009]

I thought they were re-naming it Boganham? lol

Actually Rockingham made the top 10 bogan towns in Aus list. Random fact lol

You know, I went to Mandurah Forum one Thursday night and then a few weeks later, to rocko city and TBH Mandurah was way worst! I used to avoid Rocko during Thursday Nights but now I'm avoiding mandurah

The shops are so nice now that they have refurbished them

The new refurbishment at Rocky is really nice isn't it! Makes Mandurah look even seedier. They need to bulldoze the KMart end and start all over again...and give us a Myer while they're at it smile
Yeah and upgrade the parenting rooms! They are a joke, especially the Kmart end one

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