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Perth Couple looking for an egg donor angel...can you help us? Lock Rss

Unfortunately our last donor has had to pull put due to relationship problems and we are now back to searching for that special donor angel.....can you help us?

Nat(34) my husband is Braulio (31) we meet in 2000 when Braulio was in the US Marines. We tried and survived a long distance relationship and married in 2002. Braulio still had some time left in the Marines so after our wedding he flew back to where he was stationed, finally joining me in Dec 2002. I thought this time apart would be the hardest part of our relationship, however, this was a piece of cake compared to what we both would endure trying to bring a child into our lives. After our time apart, we spent our first year enjoying each other and decided to seriously start trying in Dec 2003, after all we were young, and surely we had time on our side?

In 2004, I had a cervical cancer scare that required surgery as well as putting TTC on hold. Once we were given the all clear, we were back to trying, but when still no baby by the end of 2005, we decided to seek help. We saw our fertility specialist in Jan 06 when I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure. The first IVF opening was for Sept that year, so in the wait time, we completed 4 rounds of IUI and even more attempts at well time intercourse, all with no success.

We have since attempted 9 rounds of IVF, each time getting only 1 or 2 viable eggs, so never enough for a frozen transfer at a later date. Sadly, none of our fertilised eggs resulted in a successful pregnancy. In our downtimes from IVF I have tried everything imaginable to improve our chances of a viable pregnancy, herbs, weight loss, acupuncture, all to no avail.

So the time had come to accept that the premature ovarian failure was holding us back from the family we are so desperate for. My friend offered to donate her eggs so she cycled for us in Feb 2009 and gave us 3 chances at becoming parents unfortunately we got 2 BFN and an Ectopic pg which totally devastated all of us, I took awhile to recover from this as it was a very unpleasant ,drawn out experience . My friend then decided to cycle for us again Dec 2010 which turned into a total disaster no thanks to our clinic. I will always be grateful for what my friend has done for us she is a true angel in my eyes. Basically after this cycle we decided to take a 1 year break. In the middle of this year we decided to start looking for another angel so we could get the ball rolling to cycle at the beginning of next year. Since then we have found 2 donors but both of them have pulled out for their own reasons. So my husband and I are back to looking for that 1 special lady who might want to help us.

Therefore, we are asking for the help of a wonderfully generous angel to donate eggs to help us achieve our dream. I ask you to remember the first time you looked into your child?€™s eyes and knew you life would never be the same again, the first time they put their arms up for you to gather them in your embrace, watching those first unsteady steps towards you?€? these are the things we want in our lives. We are even desperate for the morning sickness, sleepless nights and poopy nappies?€? we just want a child to love and adore. The only question remaining now is, are you the angel we are looking for?
Couldn't PM you so I added a comment on your profile too smile Best of luck!
Have you got someone yet?

i am happy to help if you can take the time to contact me,my number is on my profile or email me @[email protected]
Hi everyone
I did find a donor and we were only 1 month off finishing the 3 months cooling off period. Last night I got a letter from her stating she can no longer be our donor due to having relationship problems so we are now looking for another wonderful generous lady smile If you think you can help us my email is address is [email protected]

Hi there
Still searching for that 1 special donor angel smile

I wish I could help, but im in Tas sad
Thanks Hannah
We are now looking interstate now too So willing to travel...not having much
luck this time round finding our special lady :(But havent given up hope yet smile
Good Evening,

When I saw your story it made me cry! I really feel for you and I don't know if I live to far away for you or if you would even be interested in my eggs but I would love to help you.My name is Taysha Marie Wilson and I would love to help you with your dream of having a little angel. I currently am on the list under exceptional donors of Oregon and have went throw all the proper screening for mental, physical, emotional, and reproductive testings. So a little about myself. I am married, but not local to your area but I'm willing to travel. I live Oregon City, I am half Iranian, 25% german, and 25% native American. I have very long curly/wavy beautiful black hair, dark brown eyes, 4'11, 25 years old, about 132lbs, almost done with my Associates degree in college, I'm currently trying to get into a good nursing school program then I'm off to pre-med. If you are still interested and need a donor or have any questions please email at [email protected].

Hope you find someone perfect and get the chance of having a little miracle!

Taysha Marie Wilson

I am an egg donor in the United states. If you would like to talk, email me at [email protected]!!!

much love

fertility bridges can also help with cost. i would love to help!
Hi there
I’m wondering if you have found a donor and if maybe I could be of any help. I live in Perth 33years old. I have finished my family and would love to try and help someone with theirs. I have my tubes taken out January 2017.
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