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Moving to clarkson in a month Lock Rss

Hi all I'm 25 have a 3yo daughter and 11mo son and am moving to clarkson in a month looking for friendship groups as I'm moving from Albany. I'm looking for genuine people as well. If interested in a catchup would love to get one organized.

I don't live there but I just wanted to say hi, haven't seen you around in a long time. Hope you and your family are well smile

(I used to be snowflake btw)
Hi, yeah I have been gone awhile and I'm moving back to Perth. We are traveling okay ATM what about u guys???

Hi there smile

I saw your post and thought id reply. I have also just moved to clarkson/somerly recently from nz. I have two little boys Connor (2) and Jack (1). Was wondering if you had found a group yet. I myself am looking for other mums and bubs to catch up with smile
Hi one responded still searching for a group or just mums to catch up with

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