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NARROGIN mummmies!! Lock Rss

Hi I have been a member on here for 6 years now, but haven't been on in a while. Anyway I have 4 children 2 girls 5&6 years and 2 boys 3&10 years. We are living in Perth at the moment but are moving to Narrogin next week for hubbys work, I dont know anyone there or what there is to do. My 3 older children will be going to St Matthews but need to find something to do with my 3 year old. He loves to make new friends, is very socialble, not shy at all. Complete opposite to me, I'm a quiet person so find it hard to make new friends. Anyway I look forward to hearing from anyone smile


Hi, I have 3 children also, but unfortunately I live 40 mins from you, I occasionally go to Narrogin, would love to catch up one day smile I live in Brookton.
Hope to chat soon Annette
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