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Moving to Port Hedland Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

Not sure if I'm posting in the right area - Im totally new to this, but I was wondering if anyone had had any advice. My partner has just been offered a great job, living and working in Port Hedland. We currently live in Toowoomba, so it would be a really big change for us. I would be leaving a great job, to go somewhere that I've never set eyes upon (oh & I'm British btw, been a permanent resident for 2 years, been here for 5).

The reviews on the area in general aren't great, so I was wondering if anyone lives/has lived there if there is any advice that you can offer on best places to live, the area in general etc.

We are currently TTC, been trying since November 2015 but with all the stress of my partner leaving his last job, not working in the interim and other stressors it hasn't happened for us. But I'm hopeful that once things settle and calm down a bit then nature will take its course.

Many Thanks for any advice smile
HI, we've just left port Hedland 6 months ago now we were there for 2 years but my partners work dried up so moved down to perth to see what is like down here as we use to be from Qld as well.
We lived in south hedland which we found great there is a bit of port vs south as port is seen as the "ritchy side" but rents have dropped soo much you can pick and choose where you live now ( we were paying $1000+ a week for a small 3 bd room duplex) . We prefered south anyway as it has the bigger swimming pool, the shopping centre, new skate park and the JD hardy centre which is fantastic and has kids activites as well as a few schools to choose from ( ours went to Baler which was fantastic) . There is streets to avoid and make sure you lock your stuff up but in reality we never had any trouble and really you have good and bad in any suburb ! Personally i'ld move back i liked it ... but it is what you make it ( plus no traffic lights was fantastic lol) ! If you do move up my advice would be dont use the coles entrance to the shopping centre ( the aboriginals hang out there and you'll get called some names from time to time) and make sure you keep up your liquids as it gets crazy hot up there ooh and learn to hold your breath some of the locals get a bit ripe wink ! Good luck with your choice, i was unsure but just went and i was happy so you never know smile
Thank You so much for your help. My partner has already gone over and begun work, he is staying at a hotel until I move over at the end of the month.

Now it's just trying to organise getting all of our stuff there. Like you said, you get good and bad in all towns so I'm not too concerned. Thanks for the advice about Coles, I'll definitely bare that in mind!

Many Thanks ????
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