Hi all,

This might be a weird post, but here I go....

My wife has been having some pelvic pain and other things and her GP has told us see a gynaecologist.

She's a bit anxious about it as we had a bad experience at the ultrasound when the sonographer tried to stop me joining her in the room despite her asking for me to be there multiple times. The sonographer eventually backed down but it upset my wife and I quite a lot.

My wife is the most important thing in my life and I want to make this as stress free as possible. I've read lots of reviews about bad experiences with various gynaecologists and I don't want my wife to have to go through what some women have with mean and nasty doctors.

I've taken on the job of shortlisting a few gynaecologists for her to pick from to try and make it less daunting for her. What I'm hoping for is some recommendations for gynaecologists who are:

-Have a gentle, caring manner
-Will explain what they are doing and why
-Preferably an obstetrician as well as we want to have kids soon and it would be great to build a relationship with one doctor who has all the history
-Will let me come in too. My wife wants me to come in to the consultations and examinations with her to help answer questions and just make her feel safe.

If anyone has any first hand good experiences with doctors that meet all the above I would really love to hear a recommendation.

Also, do husbands usually come to these things? If my wife wants me there then I'm going, but i'm just not sure if we should make an issue of it when booking an appointment to make sure its ok.

Thank you