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I'm new and looking for other Perth mums? Lock Rss

Hi my names Anita I'm 22. I have a 22mth old daughter and expecting again in 6 weeks. Would love to hear from other young Perth mums to meet or e-mail. My address is [email protected]
Hi Anita! i am Angelica I have a 3 year old son and a 7 month old daughter i live in Clarkson, Perth.
I would love to chat! smile
By the way COngratulations on the birth of your baby! what did you have? my email is [email protected]

Angelica Mum to Troy (6) Aaliyah (4) & Carlos (1)

Hi Anita,

I am a new mum to a baby boy Joshua born on 10th October. I would love to meet other mums to for a chat. My address is [email protected]

Kat xx

Congrats on the new addition to your family Anita, it's a great experience. I had a little girl named Aurora, and she's almost 4mths old now, and boy has time flown past too quickly. I'm NOR in Clarkson at the moment, but will be moving shortly to live in the South-West in Bridgetown. Drop me a line sometime if you'd like to [email protected]

Victoria, W.A, 4mth baby


I am also a young mum looking for other mums in my area. I am 25 with a 15 month old son and have found it really difficult trying to settle into a play group. Email me if you are interested in catching up, my address is [email protected]

Emily WA, 15 month Baby

I am so sorry, i am 23 not 25 i pressed the wrong thing *lol*

Emily WA, 15 month Baby

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