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NOR mums and bubs meets? Lock Rss

Hi i was wondering if there any groups in the northern suburbs?

i am 21yrs and i have a two year old girl and a 9 month old son.
i live in clarkson and currently have no car but i would love to meet new people with bubs and kids.
Or would anyone like to make a new group?

i am keen so hope to speak to you soon!!

teegan_wa_ cheyenne 26/10/04 & domenic10/2/06

Hi Teegan

I'm up for it if you would like to start something.
I have the opposite to you grin
A two year old boy and a 4 month old girl..hehe

My msn is [email protected] if you wanna chat sometime.

Isabella PERTH


I'm moving up to Clarkson in a few days and would love to meet some mums and join/start a group.

I'm 23 and have a 5 month old baby boy.

Where abouts in Clarkson are you? We will be near-ish to the trainstation/Somerly.

Like you we are not that mobile, we have a car but shame on me I haven't got my license yet!

My email is [email protected] if you want to chat/start a group.

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