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Hi everyone
I'm 20yrs old and want to know if there are any young mums or mums to be SOR? I'm expecting on the 1/1/04 with my first child. I Don't know many people around my area, so if anyone wants to chat, please do.
look foward to chatting with you all.
All the best

WA Sasha 6/1/04

Hi. I'm 22, i'm actually a NOR mum but if you want to chat you can add me to mesasnger , addy is karlee_tomasini. or send me an email. Good luck with the upcoming birth!

Karlee, WA, 1 & 2 yr old boys.

Hi Mel

I'm Karen. I'm 25 yrs old with a 9 month old son (born 12/4/03) Callum. We live SOR and would love to chat!

I've got a website :

Where you can find out a bit more about us and contact me from there.



Web designer living in Perth

Hi Mel
how are you? 'm 20 also with an 8 month old daughter, we live SOR. Well congratulations you must of had your beautiful boy or girl by now!!! How did it go? I hope you both are well. My email address is [email protected] if you feel like having a chat drop me a line anytime.
thank you for replying to my message

yes i have had my little girl, Sasha Taryn, she weighted 6 pounds or 2.72kgs. My labour was really good, only 5 1/2 hrs. She was born on the 6/1/04 at 4mins to midnight....... We both are doing well.

I live in Rockingham, where are you? oh' what is your name?....
It would be good to chat with you, my msn is [email protected]

WA Sasha 6/1/04

Hi mel,
I'm 23 and live in South Perth. Where are you? I have an 8 month old daughter and would love to chat, so emmail me if you want
[email protected]


Jasmine, 8 months


I suppose I'll address this to anyone reading this. I'm 23 & live in Thornlie. I'm mum to Emily (nearly 1...time flies!) I would love to chat & maybe even meet up for some exercise (would love to shed those last 10 kgs and not motivated!). My email is [email protected] Thanks!

Michelle, 23, WA; mum to Emily Renae (11 months)

Hey Mel!

Well i'm a young mum too, I'm 22 but I do live NOR and soon to move down to the South-West to Bridgetown! I have a little girl Aurora, who is almost 4mths old, and she's such a gem.

My e.mail is [email protected] if you'd like to get in contact!

Victoria, W.A, 4mth baby

Hi Mel,

I am a mel too, I'm not quite a young mum, but used to be!

I too am in Rockingham.

My youngest is almost 10months old... a little girl called Alannah.

Mum to 5 boys
and 1 Girl
Living In WA
[email protected]
(feel free to email me if you like!)
Hi everyone

My name is Jess and I'm 21 with a nearly two year old son. I live in Willetton, does any body live around that area?

I actually go to a young mums group in Willagee which is really good.

My email is [email protected] if any one wants to chat.


Jess,WA, Baby Hayden

I would like to meet up with other mums, but I dont have a car.

But I am a member of parenting sites and chat with alot of other parents that way.

The two sites I visit most frequently are so friendly, and welcoming I feel like a part of a family so to speak. Even though i have never met them, they are my friends.

If you want the addresses I can tell you if you email me.

Not that I want to take members away from here, I like it here too, I can see I will become addicted here too.

[email protected]
hello peoples my name is jasmin i live in kwinana im 19 turning 20 soon i have 2 children my son Devin is 3 and a half and no longer has contact with his father due to a child abuse case that goes to court in rockingham on the 12th of april i am horribly scared he will walk .i also have a 4 month old girl named Wynter-Rose her father and i are in the middle of a horrible breakup and i dont have anyone to really talk abought my problems with and im finding it very hard and i also have no car at the moment wich makes it hard to attend mothers groups and things.
So if you are localand feel like making a friend who really needs one please add me to your msn [email protected]
im also looking for a reasonably cheep car to get my kids around in winter if anyone knows someoneplease let me know
thanks heaps jas

winnie 5mth baby devin 3and a half yrold terrorist

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