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hello everybody,
I'm new here. My baby boy is 4 months old now born on th 12th of april.
I was just wondering if there are any young mum groups in perth that I could join?
I'm finding myself a bit left out with my other friends as they don't have babies.
well hope to here from someone soon.
heya Jessa grin

I am part of a younger mums group smile we are all under the age of 25

we are looking to meet up at Go Bananas in a few weeks if you are interested smile

email me, or add me to msn [email protected] if you want to chat smile

I am 20 and have a 3 year old girl smile

Tahlia xoxox

Tahlia, Maddys Mum, 3 years old, growing up fast

hi jessa my name is jess to i have a7 month old baby girl . do u have msn mess if so add me [email protected]
i know what ya feelin wen ya say left out from ya friends .

ME 30, DH 32, DD 10 , DD 4 and baby due 24th May 2015

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