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Galliers Private Armadale Lock

Hi, Im trying to work out whether to go private or public when I have my next bub (I know its no...

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I'm booked into Galliers as a private patient. Basically I still get shared care from the bickley midwives. When I give birth it wil...


Southern River Community Playgroup Now meets EVERY FRIDAY MORNING Lock

Southern River Community Playgroup When? Every Friday morning during the school term - sessions ...

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7pm Show Lock

Omgosh! it makes me sick that people try for years and years to have a baby. This unnamed lady we...

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Being a mum has taught me not to judge anyone and never say 'never'. 'I would never' is something said when you arent in that trench...


Hills Kids with Food Allergies Lock

Hi - I live in the Perth hills with my 3 yr old boy who is allergic to nuts and eggs and will be ...

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Mums groups in the Somerly/Clarkson Area? Lock

Hey Girls, Anyone know of any mums groups in the Somerley/Clarkson area in Perth? I have a 10 mo...

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nawwwwh this is exacly what i wanted! but your to far away, i live in armadale, other end of you


Ex Mining Mummies in Perth Lock


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Perth couple looking for a special egg donor angel...can you help us? Lock

Hi there Im just trying my luck advertsing here...Im not sure of the rules but im going to give i...

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hun can you please email me i want to help you with donating eggs [email protected] feel free to pm me or email me kr...


Dr stuart Prosser and Mercy Hospital, Mt Lawley Lock

Sorry for another post, has anyone had experience with Dr Stuart Prosser at Mercy Hospital? Thanks

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Thankyou. Mum2cg - Any info you would share would be great! Did you go to see Dr at mead medical centre? Would you mind shring what...


Armadale Hospital Lock

Hi, I had my daughter in SA 2 years ago but we have moved to perth and I will be having our 2nd c...

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I had my son October last year, and I found them to be lovely! (besides one grumpy midwife late one night, who made me feel like a a...


Hills Obstetrics/Mead Medical Group & Mercy Hospital Lock

Just wondering if anyone has had experience with any of these GP/OB's?

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Hi, i was just seeing if there would be any mums interested in maybe doing a meet up at hillarys ...

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Ears piercing for babies and toddlers Lock

does anyone know any earpierces that do babies and toddlers in the perth metro area (preferably n...

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twin stroller please? Any ideas on what to buy? Lock

Help please? I only want to spend approx $200 on a twin stroller. Any recommendations? I need it ...

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Found this on the forum - not sure where you live but thought you might be interested To all the mums or mums of mums to be I have...


Dr Nicolas Tsokos Lock

Hey guys, I've been referred to Dr Nick Tsokos for some urogyn issues (not ob) and I was just wo...

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mum2cg Lock

mum2cg can you please contact me [email protected]

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Moving to Perth from NZ Lock

So.... we are moving to Perth in July and i dont know anyone My partner has family in Edgewater ...

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Hey my names tracy i moved to perth in march i live in belmont but work in mullaloo i have a 13month old lil boy romeo! and im 20 go...


Baby boys clothing for sale Lock

Hi, i have 2 boxes full of baby boys clothing, over 70items. Most are in great condition and othe...

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Steelcraft Strider 3 For sale Lock

I have for sale a strider 3 - eden ,brown and beige colour , in EUC , just general wear on the te...

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looking at around $180 mark

Clarkson mummy and 12month old boy wanting new friends Lock

Hi ladies, I live NOR in Clarkson/Somerly area and I have a 12 month old boy named Noah. Wanting...

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Ross River Virus Lock

I have recently got Ross River Virus. I live in the Canning Vale area and think it may have been ...

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My husband contracted Ross River about 6 years ago, it took about 4 years to get completely out of his system. The best advice I can...


Pre-Kindy Creative Movement Classes Lock

Hi all, I'm a local mum offering a Creative Movement class for girls & boys aged 2 - 4. The cla...

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anyone has advice on which is the best facial to have? Lock

its my birthday soon, so my hubby has told me to treat myself to a good facial. I havent had one ...

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its my birthday soon, so my hubby has told me to treat myself to a good facial. I havent had one for ages and ages so does anyone r...


Pregnancy Aqua/Water Aerobics Lock

Hi, just wondering if anyone knew of anywhere that did Pregnancy Aqua/Water aerobics south of the...

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Thanks Leighjen, i will have to look check it out!!


Pregnant in Perth Lock

Hi There, Im 32 weeks pregnant (due first week of October) and just wondering if there was any o...

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primary schools Lock

Hi i was just wondering if anyone has or has got any children in canning vale primary and what ...

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I got my son in ranford road primary nice small school very happy


Aubin grove playgroup Lock

I heard there is a playgroup in aubin grove suitable for my 18mth son, can anyone give me the det...

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Thanks for that! I called her today, but had to leave a voicemail hopefully hear back soon and I'll Pass the details on to you if yo...

Playgroup- 25 and Under around the armadale area Lock

Have u been planning to sign up for a playgroup but not taken the next step to join? I have jus...

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not sure if it is still running, its held at the armadale community centre on challis rd. probably give them a call to find out. I w...


New to the area Lock

So we have been here for since the 12 of july and im already wanting to get out of the house and ...

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Thanks i will definatly look into that Hi, Im not in your area but just thought I would pop in and suggest maybe looking at the...

Aubin Grove mummies in here =D Lock

Is anyone sending their child to the new kindy at Aubin Grove primary next year? I'm going to en...

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I was wondering if anyone was going to reply to this haha I enrolled DD about 6 weeks ago, I'm sure we will be accepted but I'm sti...

Books and Babies Lock

Hi! My daughter is 4 months and I'm interested in starting / joining a bookclub. I thought it mig...

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Hey, looks like a few of us are interested now... 4 is a start! Please email me [email protected] and I'll set up a mailing list ...


baby things for sale Lock

hi we are moving away soon and i am looking to clear out most of the baby things i dont need inc...

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Playdates for almost 2 year old in freo area Lock

My son is 2 in the middle of October and wandering if there's any mums in the Fremantle area that...

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hiya my son is nearly 2 end of july..i live up in beeliar..


Missed going to a mothers group :-( Lock

Hi, I just thought Id post on here about how I never made it to my mothers group and now I feel ...

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Thanks for your replies Im in Kalamunda Mummy&Isla, where about are you?. I've done one swimming class at Murdoch hospital but it ...


Toy repair Lock

Hi, I have been looking for someone or shop to repair my boys toys (battery operated). My boys...

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Overnite Nursery - Murdoch Hospital Lock

Hi ppl.. I wonder have anyone use the nursery overnite in Murdoch Hospital on the duration your ...

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lol, u know what nic, ever since DD was born he has been bathing her... oh well he work at day so nite time is pretty much the only ...


Anaesthetist to avoid or recomend Lock

Hi everyone, Recently I heard from some of my friends mention anaesthetist who provide epidural...

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hi bubba, Thanks for your reply. Dr Mincham is not that bad, he is the one who delivery my lil gal when Dr Blair was off.


Doctors Lock

Hi Ladies, Wondering if someone can please help me out! Im trying to find a GOOD doctor in Pert...

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Maternity & Newborn Images Lock

Hi to all the Mummies with a newborn or babies on the way. I just wanted to share my new busine...

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Mums around Darch, Landsdale, Kingsley, Wanneroo Lock

Hi Ladies, I am 35 and have 20 month old twin boys. Am looking to meet other mums with children...

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Hi Deborah I've just read your comments, did you manage to find anyone around Kingsley for play dates? I have a 19mth old boy, liv...


Can anyone recommend a good Obs at Murdoch SJOG? Lock

HI I'm pregnant with my first and was thinking of trying out Murdoch SJOG hospital. Can anyone ...

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I have seen that you have got in with Dr Clarke at attadale. I have had him twice and he is lovely. (although my 2nd baby came when...