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Sharing Personal Details

Hi there, Just a reminder when sharing personal information, that the Huggies Forum is a means ...

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MANDURAH WA older parents meet up

Hi everyone. Any older parents with 10 years children or teenager children to meet up for friends...

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Hire For Baby

Is your child restraint fitted correctly?

Did you know two in three child car seats are not being used correctly, increasing the risk of se...

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New Mothers Group

Hi. Is anyone interested in starting a mothers group NOR, or does anyone know where I can join on...

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Hi Steph, I m just new to this area myself and don't know anyone yet,but I have a 10 month old.if you would like to meet,I wou...


Mother groups around Clarkson Somerly?

Hi. I just wondering if there's any mother group around my home area at Clarkson Somerly.I'm a fi...

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May be moving to Kal - any mums out there?

Hi everyone. I came across this post but realised it's quite old. My husband may have to r...

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Young perth mum's to be

Hi Everyone, My name is Marlee I'm 20 years old, currently working fulltime and I am curren...

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Taiha & William''s mum

Moving to Porthedland

It looks like DH has a new job up in Port Hedland, was wondering if anyone can give me any info o...

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Hi, all the info you wonderful ladies have given is making me that much more excited about our move to port hedland my partner has ...


Busselton Mums/Expectant Mums

Hi everyone My name's Jess, I live in the Busselton area and would really love to meet so...

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Kalgoorlie Mums

Hi everyone.... looking to find mums who live in kal or around kal.. going insane not having adul...

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Hi everyone im from kalgoorlie aswell. Been here for 2 years but dont have any friends yet, my husband is a shift worker works 12hrs...


3 year old kindy

Hi Im looking for any recommendations for a 3 year old kindy in Perth, preferably SOR Thornlie, C...

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Port Hedland Hospital

Hi Just wondering if anyone has delivered at the new hospital and what have been your experience...

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Bumping so you don't get lost in the sea of spam!!



Hey everyone I'm moving to rockingham soon and was just wondering what are the bests mums fa...

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kalgoorlie mums

Hi Im 26 and have 3 kids 6yrs 2yrs and 16 mths my husband and i are thinking of moving to kalgoor...

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Hi Jessyka, not sure if anyone follows this particular post anymore. Welcome to Kalgoorlie There are a few Drs that deal with th...


Still many Mandurah mums out there??

DH and I are working hard at moving to Mandurah sometime in the near future, hoping all plans go ...

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Hi!! Anyone still using this post.... I have just moved here myself from the Gold Coast! I have a near 5yr old in prep and a 1 yr ol...



I'm Vicki I have been a registered nurse for years and am now completing a post graduate in...

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Kelly 81

Needed other Mums/Parents in Kwinana Rockingham area

I have a 3 year old girl and a son due 12 December. We have not been in WA for long and would lik...

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Hi guys im a 19 year old married young lady wanting to meet new parents my age aswell.. Email me on I...


Geraldton/Dongara Mums

Hi my family and I have just recently moved back to Dongara and we are expecting our second bub i...

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hi! im expecting in 4 weeks and live in south greenough. hes my first so not sure on what is around town kidwise, but i know they do...


Help! First baby need more info on middle swan district hospital!

Hi everyone, I'm having my first baby in June and so far have not heard the best things ab...

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New Friendships

Hi Just wondering if there are any mums in the Kinross/Joondalup area that would like to catch u...

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Carly =)

Need friends with babies!

Hi everyone, I live in a small town just outside of Perth & there is such a lack of ladies wi...

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Hi Mel A, I live near a town called Bakers Hill but am constantly in Perth every other day. It's only about a 40 min drive to M...


Ellenbrook young mums

Hi my names Elizabeth, I am 21 and have an 8 month old baby girl. My partner is FIFO so I I am on...

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Young Mums NOR

Hi there im 18 and have a 7 month old son. Im recently married we are living in perth but are fro...

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Same here! My lil girl is 3 months and im keen to get out n about now that shes abit older. Im in inglewood area .. would love to ...


Surrogacy seminar in Perth 26th of October 2013

Hi all WA people (and others too..), I'm organising a surrogacy seminar in Perth the 26th of...

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Separation Anxiety and Transition to School Research

Hi there I am researching separation anxiety in kindergarten children across Australia. I am loo...

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Anyone from Narrogin??

Hi I have been a member on here for 6 years now, but haven't been on in a while. Anyway I ha...

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moving to mandurah!

hi there! me and my fiance & 2 children will be moving to mandurah from melb soon i just wan...

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Albany WA

Does anyone on here live in Albany ????

18 replies Here's a link to the Albany mums chat Facebook group my name is Mel Wolfe ...


**Bunbury Mummies**

Hello Bunno Mums:)] My Name is Nat and I am 27 with a Hubby (Trev 29) and three kiddies Damon 8y...

123 replies

Hi all, i am new on here so a quick intro. I am mum to 6mo Evelyn and live on a farm out of Donnybrook. Just wondering if anyone kn...


medical centre SOR

Can anyone recommend any good/reliable family medical centre SOR preferrably Melville area for ch...

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Calling Kalgoorlie Mummies ?????

Hi all, I was going through some of the older posts for those of Kalgoorlie and *yikes* most post...

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Need to make some baby mumma friends...

Hey ladies, just putting some feelers out there to see if any of you live in the Goldfields regio...

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almost time ?

Hi ladies Im almost 38 weeks and would love some advice on what you felt moments before your wa...

8 replies

aww thanks everyone. your advice is muchly appreacited


Mummies of Albany, WA

Any Mums looking to meetup weekly for a catchup within Albany. Please register you interest in t...

2 replies


Mandurah Mums

Hey just wondering if there are any other mandurah mums on here anywhere??

5 replies

We have a 6 month old daughter and moved down to Mandurah in march 2012 and we love it, great lifestyle to bring up kids and we li...


Coming to wa soon and have never been there

so my Partner is leaving for wa in 2 weeks so i'm going to be coming between next 2 - 8 months de...

10 replies

WA is lovely. I moved here in 99 and have settled nicely. I wouldnt recommend ellenbrook. I can recommend the northern suburbs of Bu...


Pregnant Perth mama's :)

Hi there, My name is Elli. I'm a Registered Nurse and have just finished the first semester of m...

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Moving to Newman

Hi all, Would love to hear from any Newman mums as DH has landed a job starting in January, 2013...

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New To Perth

Hi All, I have just moved to Perth with my husband and 4 month old daughter and am wanting to jo...

1 reply

hi!!! i just joined this site to look dor mothers group! glad i read ur post as im looking for mums too to have some coffee and chat...


Perth Hills Mummies

Hi anyone in the hills area? I'm in Mundaring and feeling a bit lonely up here. I seem to only co...

6 replies

Hey, just wondering if you ended up finding what you were looking for? I'm a new mum, my daughter was born 19 sept. I've been lookin...