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looking for mums in my area Lock Rss

do u live in albany wa drop me a reply love to chat
i have a boy whos nearly 3 and a baby on the way

Hazel,WA,2 boys

hey i also live in albany i have a 2 and a half year old boy and a five month old boy if you want to meet up sometime that would be great
Hey i live in Albany too.
Im due the 5th of September with our first.
I could not be any more scared I havnt even began thinking of when the baby is here just how much its going to hurt getting it here.
Im a wuss.
We have everything ready but its still like a dream it hasnt hit me yet that we are actually having a baby. I think i must be crazy. lol
I talk to much sorry!!

Hey Hazel.
Im Michelle
Im new at this posting thing but hey lol
Im in Albany and im due on the 5th of september with our first.
When are u due?

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