I am leaving the message in most perth/wa/australian board.

I have just discovered a God-send for me when it came to childcare for my son. You see i dont like childcare centres and i think they want a fair bit of money and would rather put it towards one on one care.

I went to www.newaupair.com and it opened up a new world for me. You see, most au pairs are not expecting a lot in the way of income, just room, board, and being part of your family while providing childcare.

I specified that i could only afford $50-$100 per week wage wise, but room/board/family life/outings would be included in the incentives. The only thing the au pair had to worry about was medical expenses. You wouldnt believe the bits i got!

The only expensive part is paying the membership fee to get the email addresses to contact the au pair prospectives. Its about $50aus for 30days but you get access to anyones mail address! From there you work out your own personal contract so there are no agency fees involved! Also, most are willing to pay for their airticket over!

Recommendation though: If you life in Aus, get and Aus or NZ citizen (Or someone with permanent residency in Aus) as most other people would only be allowed a working holiday visa which means no more than three months casual employment with an employee at any one time.

if anyone else wants more info my email is [email protected] I am currently communicating with two girls, and can only hire one so i will have some information on at least one girl that wants to come to australia and doesnt expect much money!!

I think its a great untapped resource! Give someone wanting the experience of childcare and famliy life a chance! It would be good for country dwellers!