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Mum NOR wanting to get out of the house Lock Rss


My name is Amy and my little girl is Caitlin (March 2005).

I moved to WA, Clarkson two years ago, from Vic, Echuca

I am looking for reasons to get out and about. So if anyone is keen i'd love to go walking, or chat.

Also needing ideas of what else to do.


amy & baby caitlin

Hi Amy
My name is Louise I live in Port Kennedy (Rockingham) W.A. I dont Know where Clarkson is but if your not to far away maybe we can catch up.
I have a 4 month old baby girl (Katie) and I moved to W.A. from N.S.W. in January. husban is in the Navy and we move around a bit. We hope to stay in Port Kennedy for a while.It would be nice to catch up, my email adress is [email protected]

Louise, W.A. 6mth baby

Hi Amy

I also live NOR and my little girl was also born in March. I am always keen to meet new mums and bubs. If you want to chat more my email is [email protected]

Hi there amy,

I live in clarkson too i have a 3 month old girl and i am a 24 year old mother. If you like we could maybe go for coffee and get to know each other. I too need someone to walk with so let me know if you are keen. You can email me @ [email protected]

smile Jaydes Mum


hi there my name is sarah im 28 and live in clarkson.i have a 7 mth old little boy and would love to meet some new people who have little ones .Wolud love to go for coffee or walks with the bubs and have a chin wag.

You can email me at [email protected]
Hi Amy and everyone

I have just started a business working from home that keeps me occupied. It is a great way to talk to people and make sure you are not going stir crazy at home. This may be something that you could look into doing.

My name is Kirsty & I have a little girl also born March 2005. Hubby has started a new job away from home so I'm now a full time mum & am also looking to meet mums.

My e-mail addy is [email protected]

Hope to chat soon

Kirsty & Felicity Perth

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