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Hi wanting to chat to anyone who lives in or around Brookton
hi I live in Merredin but do travel that way abit to get to my parents place at kojonup..
I'm kylie I have 1 boy 10 & half months his name is angus
hope you meet some new mums on huggies

Hi, thanks for replying, my nan lives their. How long have you lived in Merridin?
Hi, I'm in Narrogin. We go to Brookton for my sons footy, but that's only once a season. DP was born in Pingelly and grew up on a farm near there.

Michelle- 3 boys-17,13 & 9 -2 girls-3 & 1

Hi nice to meet you, my husband is a teacher in Brookton
Hi im moving back to Narrogin in September. My husband plays footy so we head out there every so oftern.

I have a 2 year old boy and am looking to make a few more friends to keep me busy when i get back!!

How old are you? Im 20. Do you come to Narrogin ever?

Hi hope you are well, we go to Narrogin occasionally. Iam 29 and I have 2 children one is 3yrs and the other one is 13months.
When are you moving to Narrogin?

i live in Bullaring and go thru Brookton whenever we go to Perth. We used to live in Pingelly prior to this.

I have three kids, DS1 is almost 10, DS2 has just turned 3 and my DD who is 8...

How are you finding Brookton?


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