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I am currently living in Dalyellup and am keen on having a chat and meeting mums from the area.
I have 2 girls, one is 2 and another 6 months old.
I live in merredin but i always go to bunbury to visit family .. I have a 1 yr old boy angus .


Hi there, I'm not a mum yet, due in late December, but I live in Kingston if you ever want to catch up.

Hi Kylie, your boy looks very cute and already on tractors...Do you have a farm in Merredin? Any more babies on the way? How far is Merredin from Bunbury? Good on you for making the journey to see the family, you must have a close family. Good to hear from you and will chat again soon smile have a great day smile
Hi, well this year is going so fast so before you know it you will be a mummy!! How exciting!! Hope your pregnancy is going well. If you want any advice on any baby stuff I would be happy to help. Have you got everything for baby yet? Do you know if boy or girl? Are you with a partner, married? If you are still working I hope you get to finish up soon so you get some you time before your whole world changes..!
Nice to hear from you and look forward to hearing back smile
hi i live 3hrs from perth so about 5hrs to bunbury.. Yeh my partners family has a farm out here and my family have a farm at Kojonup so yeh angus is a tractor and truck boy all ready.. Which is fine by me as I was a tomb boy all ways on the farm..
I work alot so busy busy but it's good for me ..


I am just down the road in Capel.
I have 3 boys Orion is 5 in 6 days, Saxon is 2 and Talon is 3 months old.

Orion 16 Aug 03, Saxon 30 Mar 06, Talon 3 May 08

your baby Orion ( or little man I should say ) shares his birthday with my Chloe who is 2 on the 16th of this month smile
Have just got her a new bed as part of her birthday presents and my goodness am I having trouble getting her to stay in it...any advice?? She was always fantastic at self settling to sleep in her cot but now she can get out of the bed she just keeps on getting out and I am going NUTS!!
Have you got anything special planned for the birthday on Saturday? Is Orion having a party? What a cool name by the way..Do you live on a large property out in Capel? Are you stay at home mum? I worked full time for years and now am full time mum to my two girls.
Do you go to a playgroup?
Good to hear from you and look forward to chatting again soon
Oh wow how spinny!!
Happy birthday Chloe for saturday!
I dont have any advice sorry, Orion was in a single size bed by his first birthday and had no trouble at all with it, and Saxon was pretty easy to move from the cot to toddler bed. Maybe just start with day sleps to begin with then once she is happy with that start with night sleeps, or completely remove the cot and only leave the bed in her room. For a few weeks Sax preferred to sleep on the floor anyay lol
Do you have a gate at her door? We had to use one for Sax once he was in his bed.

We are just having a family bbq for his lunch which he is happy about! My Mum & little sis are coming down from Perth late friday night so they will be here as a surprise when he wakes up!

What are you doing for Chloe's bday?

We are renting out here but are on 1.5 acres so its a nice big property!
And yes I am a stay at home mum, Talon is way too little to be leaving him with anyone but mummy! lol
And no I dont go to any playgroups!
I am debating whether or not to try the Capel playgroup again, so we will see!!
Do you go to playgroup??

Orion 16 Aug 03, Saxon 30 Mar 06, Talon 3 May 08

hi Girls,
My name is Cassie I am in Australind have 2 girls Keeley is 16 months and Tayah is 4.5 months, would love to chat!! I am 25, living with my partner of 6.5 years he is 34. Loving being a Mum!! i come on this site most days!! Speak later!!


I don't get on here much, but will try. I live in Usher. I have 5 girls. my youngest 2 are 3 1/2yr old and an almost 9mnth old. I am joining a playgroup in Hudsin road on friday as I have been reluctant to go after my last experience 4yrs ago. I'm older though in my mid 30's

Hey ladies
My name is alli, im 19 DF is 23 we live in Australind we have 1 of each DS 16months and DD is 4 months, becoming a mum was the best thing i did smile

DS07,DD08,DS09 & TTC bub #4 with PCOS&Endometrosis

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