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Hi smile

Anyone due in July06 or there abouts in Bunbury.

My name is Nat and I'm due on 24-7-06. I am also mum to 7 year old Damon and 17 month old Tyson. Love to hear from any local girls due at same.
i have a friend due round then in bunbury!

Orion 16 Aug 03, Saxon 30 Mar 06, Talon 3 May 08

i'm due on the 2nd of june i live in bunbury but having him in albany
battynat do you mean your due in 08 cos you wrote you are due 07, have you had the bubs then.

Yep definately had my bubs now! She's 18mnths old! lol

the dates were all correct just someone digging up a very old post lol smile]

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