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playgroup in mundijong Lock Rss

hi guys ,any one from that area? im looking to join a play group,ive not been to as of yet! i have looked up the play group ASC but it was not listed,
thank you tracy
Tracey hiiii!!!
Im in Sydney NSW, but my mum is in Mundijong! I think if you can contact your local Early Childhood Nurse, she should be able to let you know about a playgroup in the area or one that is local to you!

Michael 11/08/99,Rebekah 24/04/02,Thomas 15/01/06

Hi there..

I just moved away from mundijong not long ago.
There is a play group there that I used to take my daughter too.. She loved it there.
Its on the main street.. Patterson St..

if you want to email me or msn that fine my address is: lynsey _ e _ d 04 @ Hotmail . com

Without all the spaces... My virus protection is very sensitive

Hope to hear from you soon smile


Lynsey, WA

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