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What age do they start kindy in WA? Lock Rss

Hi all

Im seriously confused here!!
My daughter is born end of Dec and some people have told me she will go to kindy when shes 5 and p/p at 6???????? why cant she start the January after her bday?
and my other daughter is born in May so she will be 3.5 for kindy and 4.5 for p/p.

Im from SA and the term after they are 4 / 5 they start kindy / p/p.

Thanks for your help.

It's the year they turn 4 IF their birthday is before June 30th. If not they start the next year. So in your dds case, she won't start until after she's 4 smile
it's also the time of year to enrol for kindy so make sure you do before the 30th July!
hey we are im WA and my son is born in december too, he turned 4 last december and started kindy jan 2010. you can either do full days or half days, but i think its changing next year to two full days, the school where my ds is changed last year so he does 2 full days now.

My DD1 was born June 2006 and she started kindy this year. If she had been born in the 2nd half of the year (July to Dec) she would not have started kindy until next year.

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