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mums to meet sor?? Lock Rss

just wondering if anyone would be interested in meeting up to let all the kids play and the mums can have a coffe and a chat
maybe at a fun station kinda place?

just an idea but let me know?

Mummy to Jack(3) Nicholas(2)

hi kate,
im a mum to two girls Naomi is 5 and Isabella is 6 months on 17th.i would love to meet you for a coffee/tea someday.
do you have msn?
mine is [email protected]
how are your kids?
mine have been unwell recently.

yvonne,mum to naomi and isabella

hello im cassandra from freo my buby is only 11 weeks old, i want to meet people for me to interact as well as when he can play he has friends he has kinda meet every so often not just meet in the playground, if you know what i mean?
i dont drive but im good with public transport.
if u dont miind meeting me, the name is cassie and im 21.
email or msn is [email protected]
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