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My name is Kerrie and I live in a remote location in the Kimberley. Most of my contact with other mothers has been via Parents Exchange but I'm sure there are other Mum's in the Kimberley Region who may like to make contact especially with the wet season approaching and the pace of life slows a little.

My DS, Eric, in 5 months old today. We live north of Derby and will be without road access as soon as the wet season arrives.

If anyone would like to chat please feel free to post.


Kerrie, Nth WA, Mum of ERIC JOAL

hi well i used to live in fitzroy crossing and i have a 2 yr old and after being there for over a year i wasent able to make friends and so i moved to geraldton. and been here for three months. i miss being up there. well let me know if you would like to chat

sunshine, geraldton,serenity born 17/3/04


ME 30, DH 32, DD 10 , DD 4 and baby due 24th May 2015

hi i'm philipa and i'm 26 and live in perth. i have a 2year and 7month old daughter charley. my email and msn is hpe to chat soon.

philippa mum of Charley chicken

Hey I live in Halls Creek, actually just moved here about 2 weeks ago. I have a 4yr boy and a 2 yr old girl and I am due with number 3 in june. I will be having bub over in Derby actually. How do you find life is as a mum up here?

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I'm in the Kimberley too but unable to contact any other mothers.
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