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Anyone from Darwin? Rss

Hi there Cara,

Are the kids allowed to come to the Top Ender?? Would love to come and help "stuff"....

Let me know all the details and where it is, what to bring etc... But only if the kids can come cos I don't have them in Child Care!!

Would love to come and meet some friendly ladies!!

Hear from you soon... Kahla.
Der, I jsut re-read your post and you actually wrote that the kids could come.... DER!!

I'd love details... Sorry, bit doey tonight!!

Cheers. Kahla.
Hi Kahla,
Sorry to take so long to reply. Didn't check yesterday.
I sent an email to the email you had on this site.
Hope to talk to you soon.

Melbourne, 13 yr DD, 5.5 yr DS, 1.5 yr DS

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