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Toddler activities over Christmas Lock Rss

Hi there
I have a 2 year old DS who I take to Playgroup and Kindergym once a week. As most of you would know, they both finish up next week and was wondering what other activities or places there are to take my 2 year old to in Adelaide. I thought about the TTG water world but are there other things on or where can I find out?

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

Hi Julie..

Im sorry I don't have any solutions for you but just wanted to say i know exactly how you feel

I take my 20mo DS to 2 Kindergyms a Playgroup and Swimming and they all finish this week

If you wanted to meet up in a park somewhere for the boys to play over xmas just PM me and i'd be happy to join you

I hear you ladies!!
My DD has swimming and kindergym which finish and I am at a loss what I am gonna do with her cos she loves to do those things!
I still plan on taking her to the pool, I dont want her to go backwards with the swimming so to speak....
Whats the water world at TTG?
Sounds interesting.
I live in reynella so.....

hey tarz where do u go for swimming i wanna take dyl next year. sorry not much help for other activities i know noarlung leisure centre has a program but that probably finishes to outings to teh zoo and the bug rocking horse at gummeracca are on my list
Hi Mandy
We should get a few of us to meet up in the park for Christmas - hopefully on a day with weather better than today! Which kindergym does your DS go to? I work on a Tuesday and Wednesday but Fridays would be great, can you think of any parks?

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

we go to noarlunga for swimming. was going to sherriffs road swimming centre but cos I wanted a sunday class so DP could def do it, make it his "thing" with DD we couldn get in at sherriffs road.
term 1 at noarlunga starts 29th jan
if u go tues wed or thurs its $121 term (11weeks)
fri sat or sun is $110 (10 weeks)
mon $88 (8 weeks)

can pay casually if dont wanna commit to a term but its $16 per lesson
can also pay for full year n save money
they also do a direct debit payment.

I have a flyer home so if you wanna know anymore just let me know.
DP loves her swimming and she has started to swim with her floaties on without holding on to us! wears her out n she usually has a good sleep after lesson!

HI Julie...

I take my DS to the TTG Youth Club (i actually think its in banksia park) kindergym on Tuesday afternoons

Unfortunately i work everyday (8am - 12pm) so would be able to meet anyday after lunch (friday's are good for me too)

The only park i know is the area is the one across from TTP Shops or kersbrook park but am up for any other suggestions

If the weather is nice i am free next friday

Hi Mandy
I too take my DS to the TTG Kindergym but we go to the Thursday morning session! Civic park sounds good (the one across from TTP). I will see how I go for afternoons as DS has a nap at about 1pm -3pm but maybe we can meet for a late play!
Anyway lets see what the weather turns out to be!

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

Hi Julie...
Well unfortunately the weather was shocking last week, but i finish work this Friday yeah!!!! so if you want to meet up at Civic Park one day after xmas let me know and we would be happy to join you
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