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walks groups way south of adelaide Lock Rss

Hello everyone i walk everyday around seaford beach and i was looking for someone that would like to walk with me!

it doesnt have to be everyday,

im 24 and jasmine is nearly 4 months old, so if you wanna chat and make friends let me know.

Hey there. Well, you can definately count me in on that. Even though we've had a few scorcher days, there's also been some really nice walking weather aswell so, we just have to time it well. Hudson loves getting out & about in his pram aswell so, sounds great. It would be pretty cool if we could get a group of us going regularly.
hello it was good to chat with you on the phone, i dont know if im going tomorrow but i should just do it,

good way to met new friends....

well injoy your night and i might see you tomorrow,,
How often do you go?
What time of the day?
I live in reynella and just walk around the local area.
Bit strapped for cash at the moment so cant travel too far too often...

hello i would like to go as often as i can, aslong as its not to hot,

i see your not meeting up tomorrow thats cool will catch up soon, i dont know if im going tomorrow will have to see what mood jaz is in well talk soon bye
Hi There Ladies,

I would be interested in a walking group. Like the other mums I guess I'd like to know - Where, How Often, Times etc.

As long as it isn't too hot Gabriella & I will be there.

I'll keep my eyes posted for further updates.


Hi there,

I would be interested in walking with you but im not good with the heat so wouldnt be keen on hot days

hello everyone!!!! so what are we all doing and how are we so whens a good day to catch up?????
i was thinking soon as it would be nice to meet you all, who would like to walk along seaford beach with the pushers or is there somewere eles you would like to go?
i was thinking we could meet up say around my way one week then the next at someones eles area and so on, that way its fare for everyone>

so were are we all from?
i know we have seaford, christies, sellicks, reynella, mclaren flat,

so give me some days and places you would like to go!
does every one drive and have cars?

jaz has doc app on tue and her 4 month jabs on friday,

im going to the seaford sem center at 930am the 18th to get her jabs so if anyone wants to get there kids done to ill meet you there,

well im really happy to see new faces and i hope to talk to you all soon,

byeeeeeeeeeee amanda
hey id love to get involved and tara we can always car pool im at happy valley but i dont mind goin for a drive to your areas happy valley is too hilly!

was just thinking to woudl anyone be interested in starting a group through msn for us southern mums (and others who want to join) i just find them easier to use than on here for organising things and keeping track of whos who? and posts dont get lost as easily i have a group i started ages ago and we hardly use anymore you are all welcome to join that or we can start a new one maybe? just an idea
that would be a good idea but i dont have it!!!!

i downloaded it and it made my computer crash, so my other half made me take it off,

i know a few people are meeting at a park on the bottom of beach road near the beach on the 5th of feb,

while i have everyone would you like to talk on the phone and get to know each other too,

if you want to pm me and ill give you my number,,,

well everyone enjoy your day and will talk soon,,,


I think all our ideas are great. I live at Morphett Vale and I'm happy to have a turn at a walking group around my area and we can always come back to my place for a cuppa etc or it is hot or wet we can just enjoy and cuppa & chat.

I'm happy to plan things via msn too, and my details are for msn & email are: [email protected] If anyone wants my phone numbers just PM me and I'll give you the numbers.

Look forward to catching up with you all again soon.


hi, id love to do that also im in reynella but i can get to seaford or wherever by bus as i dont drive lol

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