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Down South mums meet up on Tues. 5th of February Lock Rss

Hey girls! Just thought I'd start a new post for everyone who's eager to meet up for a morning at the beach with our lil ones. Thought it'd be a great way for all of us to feel relaxed & to let our lil ones interact while we all get to know each other. So what do you think girls? Any one interested?
Ive also just made a suggestion for any mums who would like to meet up a Collonades maybe sometime next week instead if thats better for you. So, how bout as a starting point, I put out some times & dates & if that doesnt suit, then we can go from there & change it to suit?

How about, for the beach day:
February the 5th on Tuesday at 10am at the park on the corner of beach rd & the esplanade?

For the Collonades meet up:
January 16th(next Wednesday) at 12:30pm
We could all meet up at the tables in the food court area near the baby room/ toilets area & have a cuppa a chat.
What do you think girls? is that ok?

Tara, I know you were saying you're a bit strapped for cash at the moment but, if you like, our car has 2 anchor points for baby car seats so, providing you can grab your seat for Emily, I could get the car for the day & pick you up so you can join in? Either way, just let me know if you're interested & we'll take it from there.
It'd be awesome to catch up with everyone! Hopefully we can get everyone involved!
Hi Simone,

I have checked the diary and Gabriella & I will be there on Tuesday, 5th February at the park suggested above providing it is not too hot, though I'll let you know closer to the time if we are coming or not.

Simone - In your purple ribbon post I've made a comment that next week is out for me due to Gabriella's 1st Birthday party on the 19th and I'm flat out cleaning and cooking. Also, I'd still like to catch up for coffee and to show you those recipes that we talked about prior to Xmas.

Hope you all well and chat again soon.


Thanks Simone!! DP is back full weeks of work now so hopefully things will pick up!
I can make the 5th Feb but the 16th I cant make it sorry!
I look forward to catching up on the 5th, will bring a ball n stuff for em to play with and I got a cool sun shelter thingy for xmas so I can always bring that too if needed!
fresh air and good company, sounds like a plan to me! Wear em out for her afternoon sleep too!!

Hi Simone,

Would love to catch you at colonnades (any excuse to go to the shops!!)and my husbands away at the moment too so I'm so bored being stuck in the house!!

Pm me if change of plans, or I'll see you wednesday,


hello i thought yopu would like to catch up at the park ill be there so remined me closter to the day and ill bring monty my doggy too,

dont worries girls he loves kids
send me a text meg about the shops jaz has a DOC APP AT FLINDERS and she might have her jabs there so just remined me and i might be able to make it there too...
hey teh beach sounds good at this stage tara u beter remind me cos u know im forgetful haha be good to meet everyone and im so trying to keep busy to keep my mind of things atm
will try to remined everyone.....

Thats fantastic girls! Im looking forward to both days with Hudson! Lets hope the weather is good for the 5th of Feb. If not, when we find out what it'll be like closer to the date, we can always adjust the day to suit. It'll be great to meet you too megan! I really enjoy the nice stroll to Collonades with the pram (it's still a bit of a novelty using it! hehe) Ever since my sister came down after new years, Ive been enjoying the odd Cafe Latte every now & then & I love em! Plus, it's always a bonus to meet up with other mums & swap stories. It'll be cool if you can make it too monty5. I'll make sure I txt you on Tuesday night to remind you. I still dont know whats going on with getting Hudsons next shots now coz, they said I may be able to get them done at Flinders while Im there but, they'd let me know. Ah well, Im sure I'll get it sorted. Hope lil Jasmine's doing ok. She's such a lil cutie! And Kaz, wow, Gabriella's turning 1! How exciting! I cant imagine Hudson getting that big! hehe You'll have to give her an extra cuddle from me for her birthday. It'll be great to catch up again at the beach & we'll definately have to organise another day to go through recipe's like you suggested. Maybe some other mums might like to come along for that one too? Thats cool that you'll be able to make it too Tarz! It'll be nice to get a chance to chat this time while our lil one's play. Same goes for you too ellybell. All round, sounds like we're all in for a good day. Good company, relaxed atmosphere & good laughs, just what we all need! hehe anyways, I look forward to catching up with everyone soon!
hello everyone jaz is teething so hard its crazy, shes just sleeping now so its quiet,

i hope we are all haveing a good day?

and will see everyone real soon,,,

bye for now
hi, id love to go to the meets, my name is belinda and im 21 and i have natasha who is 16 months. it would be great to get out of the house and meet other mums smile

Hi Belinda and Natasha,

I'm Meagan and I have 3 year old Jade and 8 month old Nathan, look forward to meeting you.

Just a quick Q. Does anyone else going to next few meets have older kids, or does everyone have lil bubbas still??

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