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meeting feb 5th Lock Rss

hello put you name up her and tell us that your coming feb fith!!!!!

just just wondering how many people are going to be there!!!

p.s i have some purple and white ribbon that ill bring along too,
[Edited on 18/01/2008]
well myself and jasmine are going to be there!!
me and natasha will be there smile


Gabriella & I will be there.


Tara and Emily will be there too!

that 8 people so far i know that there is more coming?
Joshua and I should be there, just weather dependent thats all

make that 10 lol!!!!
i should be there im gonna try!
so thats 11 maybe 12 or could be 13???????
I asked few my friends n their bubs but none of them have said yes....
gonna try get my friend with the twins to come, she needs to get out more with other mums

cool more the merry
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