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HI.... new to Adelaide :) Lock Rss

new in Adelaide well i lived here all my life moved away for a few years now im back YAY i have a lil boy 6 months old and live in Salisbury East anyone near me smile

Hi my name is trish i'm 30, i'm not new to sa but i am new to this chat room stuff. i live in burton so i guess that is close i have three kids boy aged 10, girl aged 9 and my little newby Dallas 8 weeks. i'm findsing it hard being at home, i have always worked but with 3 kids i'm not sure i could manage. is your family in sa??? we should catch up for coffee in hollywood one day, i have just joined the gym there so i'm there almost every day.

Hello we should do that sounds fantastic smile
How is your lil one going mine is crazy lol he is into EVERYTHING hehehe

My family are here my mum has 2 lil ones 4 and 2 so it was easyer to be near her as i have some help smile

Hi im meg i have a 15 month old and am 11 wks preg too. im in tea tree gully
Hay im lisa
20 year old sahm 2 a 29 month old
we live in adelaide, elizabeth area smile

pm me if ya wanna chat some more grin

hi my name is charlene and i am nearly 36. i live in craigmore am married and have two girls shania who is 5yrs and piper who is 20 mths, and we are currently pregnant with number 3 due around oct 16th. feel free to pm me if you want to catchup for a coffee. there are a few of us northern mums who meet regularly for coffee and a chat


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