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hi my name is kylie and im new to this web site. i just recently became a mother to baby lachlan who is now 7 weeks old. i dont have many friends with young babies and not quite sure where to meet some!
if anyone has any information on any young mothers groups in south adelaide i would be very appreciated!
feel free to e mail me [email protected]


Hi Kylie, Have you tried going to your Child Health Centre and seeing what they have? Alot of them have groups to join and in NT and Qld they both had them for young mums. There is also the Playgroup Association and they have Playgroups all over the place and welcome anyone with bubs of any age. Your 7 week old may not get alot out of it except getting used to kids but you'll be able to meet mums and have a chat. You may find you don't fit in to all of them as different people go to different ones but I just keep visiting different ones till I feel like I fit into one and stay there. Most councils have mothers and fathers groups organised to in some form or other so ringing them may help to. I went to Nursing Mothers with my first and found that great. You don't have to be Nursing to go to them but they do promote it so it may or may not be something for you. Looking up other web sites like these you'll find people in your area so chat to and maybe meet up with too. If you want anymore info on some groups drop a line here and I'll email some to you.
Hope this helps. I find it's a matter of getting out there, finding and trying. Works for me!

Melbourne, 13 yr DD, 5.5 yr DS, 1.5 yr DS

hi kylie,

I know that you have joined my young mums group on the net, but if you want to see about some more parenting groups in your area, go to parenting sa. The addy is they have listings of parents groups all over the state, you just need to find one that suits you.


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