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Sportybots Lock Rss

I have just started my DS in sportybots this term. We have been to 2 sessions and he has cried at both, will not join in and doesnt even want to be there. He is nearly 3. All the other kids play and love it, the mothers dont talk to me and you can see get quite frustrated with my DS yelling but I got told to perservere and keep taking him. I have paid $100 already for the term. Anyone else had a little one who didnt enjoy sportybots at first?

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

Hi Julie....I plan on enrolling my DS in sportybots next term (he is not quite 2.5yo)

Which one do you go to?

Im sure those mothers who look disapprovingly should just think back to when their kids first joined and im sure their kids weren't completely thrilled about being there.

Good luck and i hope your DS enjoys it soon.
Im looking at enrolling my DD into sportybots next year when she is 2.5yrs.
I think keep going, maybe talk to the person running the sessions and see if they can offer any advice to help make your child feel more comfortable.

Does it look good?
Cos my DD goes to kindergym but I feel like she would benefit more from something a lil more structured IYKWIM.....
I would be interested in hearing more about people whos kids currently attend....

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