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Hi hubby is in the army and is required to put in a place of posting in a few months...Darwin being most likely...we dont move though until the end of 2007...apparently cause there is so many tradesmen they like to work things out early! The posting would be for 4 years.

Anyway I was just wondering about how people have settled in up there with the heat/schools (will have 2 in lower primary by 2007). Also about buying houses where is the best places to look etc in relation to the army bases/city etc.

Just trying to weigh up whether Darwin is our best preference over Townsville (not too keen on going there!).

Thanks for any replies.


Mum to Jai and Chase!

My hubby is in the Army in Darwin and is hating it. He would of much preferred Townsville but had no choice. He is Med Discharging soon so we will be moving to Qld. We both agree Darwin is not the place to bring up a baby. If you move up here be very careful if you move to Palmerston or close to there. It is the closest suburb to the Army barracks but is terrible to live there because of the violence and drugs.

Some where close to Casuarina would be good as the major shopping centre is there and it is only 15 - 20 minutes to Robertson Barracks (Army Barracks).

If your hubby knows what unit he would be going to and it is 8th/12th Medium Regt then I would strongly advise against it. There is some many guys discharging from that unit at the moment anyway they can. It has gained the reputation as the worst unit in Darwin. 2nd Cavalry Regt is good. They have sent most of their guys over to Iraq but they look after the guys & their families well.

I don't have any kids at school but I've heard from other parents that the schools aren't that good. A student tried to stab a teacher with a knife and staff at the primary school tried to cover the incident up and not tell the parents. The child was only suspended for 2 weeks.

Danielle, Qld, 2 girls

Hi Em, I have been living in Darwin for 5 yrs & I find it very nice up here. My partner is not in the the army but he works away with an oil company up here. Most of the friends i have made up here, their partners are in the army, and they all have had no problems with the move. If you get a house on a base it is alot easier than a private rental, because everyone is in the same situation as you are and understand what you are going through. As for schooling, in the northern suburbs there are some good schools, it depends on what area you will be living in. I am in the process of looking for a school for my daughter (who is only 11mths) the school i want her to go too is a good school expensive but worth it. For the weather it is very warm but you do get used to it, then people call u crazy when you say you have too wear a jumper in the dry, but it does get a little nippy, if you live further out in the rual area even cooler still. I have foound that Darwin is very layed back so don't expect too much, but I love it up here, and think it is a good place to raise children. If your are still not sure come visit first, before you make the decision. I hope this has helped you out a little.
Hi I know this is an old post but thought I'd add my piece too.
I'm an army wife and have been here for 3 years (going into 4) and I haven't had a prob with Darwin at all. There is plenty of great things about Darwin and it's a GREAT place to bring up kids. You don't need many clothes for them for 1 so is LOTS cheaper. Also we have great resouces for kids with plenty of Community Centres offering things for all ages.
I have a 12 yr old DD, 4 year old DS and a 4 month old baby boy that I had up here. I DIDN'T want to come up here at all but am so glad I did. We've had our moments and at times I hate it but those don't last. Most of the time I love it or like it and that's it.

I know people who live in Palmerston and love it. They previously lived on the RAAF base and say Palmo is way better. I live on the base in town and love it. My DD goes to the Primary school there and my DS the preschool. It's great!

Heat is fine as we all have air con. Only thing is I wouldn't buy here. Too expensive for what you get.
You also get free holidays living here and that has enabled us to get away to some great places. I wouldn't live here forever but for a few years while kids are little is ideal.

Anyway that's my speil!

Melbourne, 13 yr DD, 5.5 yr DS, 1.5 yr DS

hey just thought i would say my bit.
I was born and raised in the territory but moved around a bit as a navy brat.
My husband is with the NT police and so at the moment we are living on a remote community for 2 yrs.

I think you adjust to the weather so the heat wont be a problem also because the army pay for a large sum of your power so that the army wives are kept happy and can run their air con 24/7 if they like.

to the lady whose husband is with 8/12 HAHA i know a guy who used to be with them and your right they are all nutz. he was a drunk who beat his fiance and i was living with them. but i am not that big afan of single army guys.

The schools are the same as down south the other lady was talking out of her A** for a primary school i would suggest alawa as it is the best school in the Northern territory at the moment, but if you live in palmerston which most of the army families do it would be a 20-30 minute drive every morning. But it is the best school. the principal is Sharon Reeves and she is really pushing the school ahead with lots of technological things.

Plamerston has a slummy side but the army doesnt rent from that side. anywhere around the chase/gunn or roseberry area is a good area. the only places i would stay away from is moulden/gray

i wouldnt listen to the other woman who said live near cas shops as there is a high crime rate there (Police husband)
the best northern suburbs places would be Woodleigh gardens/brinkin in that area but stay away from karama/tiwi
places like walagi and wagaman have nice areas. you just need to pick your street.

it is the same as any other town, good places and bad.
there are quite a few play groups and mothers groups around. so if you have young kids it is easy to meet other people.
pleanty of work and childcare for you if you wish to return to work.
and lots of army wives living right around the corner for you to talk to.

Hope you enjoy your stay.
Hi Shani,
(cant find anyone from our darwin thread that used to be here so hope all is going well with Aiden and bella the bump)you can email me at anytime.

Any ways I agree with Shales totally about all the things that have been said in previous posts above...I too was raised up here (not born here tho) and have lived pretty much all over the territory...there are good and bad places I'd stay away from Gray or Moulden in palmerston tho most of the other suburbs are fine..and army families tend to live in the "rich" suburbs like Gunn, Fairway waters and the Chase.
I certainly wouldnt live near Casuarina as like you said the crime is outrageous there, tho my aunt lives in woodleigh Gardens and that seems like a nice suburb!
As for schools I dont know about the city or Northern suburbs but I think Bakewell school is pretty good (tho Id try to book your little ones in early) they have fantastic teachers!
I'm not an Army wife but do think Palmerston would be your best bet as Robertson bks are very close and you are pretty close to everything anyways...some ppl make out Casuarina is a day trip from palmo or something but from palmo everything is only half hr away which isnt too far!
I live in Girraween and the school out here is also great..relatively small classes and great teachers(I used to clean there and often found teachers trying to do positive things, like talking to parents ect) I LOVE living rural and it only takes 30-40 mins to casuarina from here. Either way just like to say that Darwin is the best place in Australia. I have lived elsewhere and nothing compares the ppl are friendly and outgoing and we love our easy lifestyle!
Hope you find Darwin more enjouyable than the other ladies Husband....Maybe they dont live in the right area or just dont get out to see what the top end has to offer!
Take care
Erin and Dylan xx

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hey erin
just wondering where did our post go? i cant find it?!?! oh wells:)
just means we wil have to start a new one:)
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