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Just have to share... Lock Rss

I just have to share! My lil Hudson is walking by himself!!! Im so proud of him! Its still only early days but, he's been taking up to 4 steps at a time, un-aided by me or anything else. When he did it today, to walk to his dad, I couldnt help it, it bought tears to my eyes! Im such a big sook over him! God, I love being his mum! Doesn't it make you feel like the proudest mum in the world when your little one's achieve things for the first time? He's just beautiful!

Sorry, forgot to mention, he's just over 13 months old. What a cutie!
[Edited on 04/11/2008]
That is so WONDERFUL!!! Go Hudson..

It is very emotional to see the stages our children go through in growing and learning. It brings pure happiness to i am sure every parent. Enjoy this moment as much as you can grin

Ps.. it wont be long now and he will be following you around the house. I think it took my daughter a week after taken her first steps to then following me around. It was magical grin

That is so cool im still waiting foe Blake to walk hell be 16 month on the 13th im beggining to wonder if it will ever happen
I remeber Jaymee first walking and it was great so exciting Blake walks around hanging on to the furniture and can climb on th ekitchen table but too lazy to walk

Jaymee 26 01 04 Blake 13 07 07 29/7/09

Thanks girls! I go so gooshy over him. Dont worry about Blake, from everything I've read, they all say 15-18months is the average so, I wouldnt panic too much just yet. I know how you feel though, I was starting to feel that about Huds but, as he's proven, when he was good & ready, he did it. Besides, all the books say that it has no reflection whatsoever on there mental developement so, no stress.
well done mate!!!
thats great news!
Congratulations, not surprising you got teary its such a big moment & they all decide in their on time when they are ready. Get out the video camera before you know it he'll be running & its nice to go back and watch how quickly they adapt to walking.

My ds runs non stop..

My dd who is 7 months is trying desperatley to crawl & her brother 18 months keeps showing her & then gets frustrated cause she won't follow him doing it.


Thats excellent, cant wait to see him walking around.

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