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Hey Everyone

My name is Alex and I am 20yo with an almost 12 week old baby boy. I am a manager for an Adelaide Young Mums Group where we like to try and organise get togethers for young mums like many of yourselves (and partners are also invited to come along, if you want).

The website address is:

It is a really fantastic and friendly community where you can meet many new people like yourselves. All you have to do it apply to join and write a brief summary for yourself. We simply ask people to do this because there has been a man pretending to be a young mum and is trying to access pictures of young children, especially if they are naked (which is why we recommend that you dont post nudie piccys - not matter how cute your child may be wink )

I really hope to meet some more of you and get to know you all better, and hope to see you on this other community aswell.

Love Angel-Alex

SA, beautiful baby boy born 3/04/04 my life

i just requested to join, hope to talk soon


Hey Kylie_

I accepted your application gorgeous and recognised you straight away from this site I really look forward to chatting to you soon and hope that you are well.

Love Angel-Alex

SA, beautiful baby boy born 3/04/04 my life

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