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southern mums wanting to catch up... regular meet mothers group???????? Lock Rss

Hi im 24 yo i have a son justin who is 8 months and 28 weeks preg atm! I live in Hackham. Are there any other mums around this area with or expectig kids who would like to catch up at some stage??? if all goes well maybe we could arrange reg. meets for all the kids to play and the mums to have a chance to talk to other mums, while making some new friend in the prosess?!?! If your intrested please reply!

hi im 22 and i have 2 year old natasha and 4 month old rylee and im in reynella and would love to catch up with other mums sometime smile

hi im 24 and live in Morphett Vale, i have a 14 month old son and due with number 2 in February.
Would really like to make some more friends as ive just finished up work.
ok i found the the usual ppl
would love to c ya and all other ppl..
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[Edited on 07/01/2009]

Hi I'm from Hackham west and have a 9.5 montrh old son and would love to meet new people
all the hackham ppl r coming out of the wood work
im from hackham west too.

don't you love me dani???
of course i do.... i would miss not seeing ur name in the threads..
i cant believe u only have 39days to go...good god thats flown..
next tuesday is a month till ur

ok cool well there is 5 of us so far and i have a few friends with kids in the area to so might mention it to them to see if they would like to join us! I will give it a few weeks then maybe we can arrange a time and place for a catch up?!

Sarah,Simone, Mel, Tara and Amanda would probably interested as well, im assuming they are away i haven't seen them on for a while. I know Simone was getting married over new years.

Make it 38 days to go im getting really excited now, we still have nothing ready. My mum is sending it vibes to come on Australia Day. Then it won't be long to the terrible 2 are here.

When school goes back Friday's are they only day that im not free.
no im here lol!
no hollys for me just get someone to let me know as i dont really come on huggies anymore lol

contact me on fb lol!
Hi Justins mummy grin

I would be interested in catching up, I am 24 live in Woodcroft, I have a son who is 2.5 and one on the way due in May! Look forward to hearing from you.

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