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I am moving from perth to port Pirie in 2 weeks. I currently know no-one (except partners family) and would love to meet some other mums in the area or join a mums group if one already exists. I have a 9 week old little girl.

Hey Casey,

Im not from port pirie but whyalla, about an hour and a half drive from port pirie.. unless u want to swim accross the sea then im only 25km away smile

Port Pirie is a nice little town and im sure u will enjoy it smile


Hey Casey...

As it happens... thats where I live... Pt Pirie.. wooo hooo.. I have a 18week old bubba girl... and we have a great little gathering of mums and bubs once a week grin which has kept us all sane through these trying times!!

Contact me on MSN if you have it ( or send me an email.. either way, I'm sure I'll be able help you.

All the best for the move


Mel and bubba Jaimee

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