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Older Mums Where Are You??? Rss

I was just wondering is any older mums out there at all?? I'm 40 and find that there so many younger mums out there than me.

Helloooooooooo....I'm here smile

I'm 40 too and live in the SE of SA.

Do I know you? smile
Hi Di
My name is Linda and in 40yrs old and im a mum of 2yr old twins. I know some older mums that ive met at our premie playgroup that we used to go to. we dont go anymore as the kids are to old to go now as they are walking. We catch up with the other mums of premie babies at the park in nuorth adelaide near the wch in adelaide.
Sorry I haven't been on at all lately?
Just one of things I have forgotten about.
My email is
hi di my name is charlene and i will soon be 33 which is getting older. would love to hear from you . i live in craigmore and have a 2yr old daughter shania

Hi Di
I have only recently found this site and forum.
I am 41 and have two year old b/g twins. I too was wondering if ther are any older mums as I see the younger ones.

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