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Egg donor desperately wanted ! ! ! ! Lock Rss

Hi, My name is Sandra and this is my story.

I was born with a hole in my heart and had my first operation at the age of 3. I was always told by the doctors that I could never have children because my heart wouldnt be strong enough to carry a baby.

This was the most terrible news that I could have had as my love for children and family was and still is very strong.

Anyway, I met this great guy and we eventually got married in 1992. He knew about this problem that I had and that it would be very dangerous if I fell pregnant so we agree'd that it would be best if he had a vasectomy.

After a couple of years we decided that we really did need children in our lives so we became foster carers.

A few more years went by and in 2001 I had to go into hospital and have a heart operation, this operation made me as strong as an ox just about and I was told that my heart would now cope with a pregnancy.

We were so excited, we could finally have a family of our own. So my husband went in and had a vasectomy reversal and we tried and tried and tried to fall pregnant. It didnt work.

We went to the doctors and he referred us to Repromed.

We had our first cycle and of IVF/ICSI at the start of 2003 and we got 24 eggs, unfortunately none of them turned out to be any good so the cycle had to be cancelled.

We started our 2nd cycle at the end of 2003 and this time we managed to get 11 eggs and again they were not any good.

We found out that there were chromesome / genetic problems with the eggs that could have been cause from the same defect that gave me the hole in my heart.

So it turns out that the only way we can have our own family is by using donor eggs. I asked my twin sister if she would be able to help us to achieve our long time dream and she declined. That hurt alot.

Then one day an old school friend just came to me and offered to donate her eggs. We gladly accepted. As she only had one ovary we knew that we would possibly have limited eggs. We got through the cycle and she gave us 5 beautiful eggs. They only manage to fertilize 4 of the eggs and after 2 days 2 more of the eggs stopped growing. On day 5 I went in for a blastocyst transfer with 1 very good looking blastocyst and unfortunately the last of the eggs didnt make it for freezing so this was it.

I was actually pregnant, after all of these years of desperatley wanting our own family, our dream was about to come true. Then it happened... after being pregnant for 6 weeks I lost my little dream baby.

I wouldnt like to ask my friend again as she and her family have already done so much for us. So now we are seeking another donor to help us achieve our dream family.

If somebody out there can help us we would be truly grateful.

I hope that our run of bad luck will soon be over.


hi, I have just red your story I am intersted in donating my eggs, I have always wanted to help someone else have a family once I completed mine.
Only thing is I'm half way through my last pregnancy and depending if you can find a donor beforehand. My partner has just had a vasectomy. Good luck with everything, my offer is open if you need it.


Hi, that would be really good. We are definatley looking for donors from SA as it is more convenient for all. Unsure about private messaging on this site, for more contact to find out more about each other. I'll wait to hear from you again.



Hi Sandra, I was touched by your story. At the moment, I don't feel 'ready' to offer help, as feel very selfish about getting my own family organised first, plus have a big lack of knowledge about what is involved in donating eggs (please don't be offended, I'm just telling it as it is a subject I will research and discuss with my husband), but would like to know how you are getting on at the moment, if anybody has been able to help you acheive your dreams. Please could you tell me how old you are, not because I am 'ageist', but more because time and youth is of the essence for better success rates. I wish I could promise you the earth, but all I can say is I'll do some research, and then perhaps arrange a private chat with you..Good luck for now, and keep up the foster care, those kids need good people. Love from Sam.
Hi Sandra, Hope all goes well with your donor I am half way though my last pregnancy. I would like to find out more about egg donors. I know its hard i had 5 miscarriages 1 phantom its gets very hard and my ex wouldnt try ivf, but then i got pregnant had 2 lovely children which i nearly misscarriged. then had my tubes tried . I have a new hubby who is wonderful we had a boy 21 months ago and another on the way so keep your chin up there is hope i wish you all the luck and i will find out more about egg donors. I am an older mother as well good luck

KAREN - R 16/94 M 31/96 L 8/04 L 12/06

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