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Okay, there are all diff threads, saying lets get together, weekly meeting, catch up for coffee. Not alot of it seems to actually happen.

Lets organise a proper get together, ideally it would be great to get together with just the mums and dads, to start off with, that way we can relax with out the kiddies and get to know each other with out having to worry where the children are.

If you are interesed, please leave an email/msn here and I will send out an email. It would be somewhere central like town for example. I wont be leaving specific details on here though for safety reason.

Hope to see some names added and also any suggestions on venue. Also leave your partners name if they will be coming too!!

Lets get this happening!!

I'm a chocoholic........what about you?

I'd love to.

It'd need to be on a wednesday if it were just the perants as that is the only day Haley can be looked after.

Let me know how is goes

eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

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