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Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone knew a nanny/day care worker that works from home or clients home that charge reasonable rates?

Mummy to one big little man!!

i know a friend of mine does it but she doesnt get back from the USA till June. I can pass details on for you if you like if you were intersted.

hope i've helped

Katie, trents mummy,sa

I don't know how soon you would be wanting to put your child in care, but I plan to start family daycare myself some where between august - december, this year.
I have 1 child and one on the way. I have been to TAFE and I'm finishing the approval process through "Family Day Care"-so I'll be properly registered. I live in Blair Athol But will probably offer pickups.
It will be slighly cheaper than child care centres (as that is where I'm currently sending my daughter - but with myself and my hubby both working, it get's expensive!). I have been a nanny before and you are probably looking at starting at $13/hr (for an unqualified person) up to $20/hr (qualified) -and trust me, you want a qualified person!!! Be careful if you go to an agency, as they don't always screen people properly!
Most family day care providers charge per hour and it ranges from $4-7.
Child care centres charge per session. (Half days, full days or casual visits). The down side to child care is you pay for the days if you use them or not, and there is generally a minimum of 6mths to wait for a position.....ALSO choose wisely. I have a good centre BUT I have had a bad centre as well!
With all types of care the government will give you a deduction that goes by your seperate of joint wage - if you register with centerlink.
Hope this helps!
If you have any other question feel free to email me at:
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