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Defence Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

Can I ask how many of you are from defence families based in Darwin?

[Edited on 25/03/2009]
HI Carly, I'm a defence wife based in Darwin, my hubby is in the navy. This is where we met and married and have been living for the past 6yrs.
I'm assuming you too are defence. The best support I get is from my playgroup, at our community house, the mothers there are all in the exactly the same situation and are all so lovely!
hi there im lesley and we are moving to darwin next week my hubby has been posted here he is in the raaf. We have a 5yr old and 20 month old boy and one one due in aug.
How long have u been in darwin? We are going to be livin gunn where bouts r u?
Hope to here from you soon

Jaymee 26 01 04 Blake 13 07 07 29/7/09

My hubby is in the Army and we moved to Darwin from Sydney in September of last year. My little boy Cruz is almost 12 weeks old and I haven't found any other mums with bubs of a similar age.
I would really love to get out there and make friends with other mums but it seems so hard when everyone seems to have their own little group!!!
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