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Hey there guys, I don't know about you, but I am on the computer quite alot. I am a WAHM. tend to get side tracked easily and quite often look for people to chat with.
Would love to chat with other SA mums. I know there are lots of other threads with MSN address listed but I thought I would start on specifically for SA
What do you think??

I'm a chocoholic........what about you?

Im from adelaide too.. Oakden
Im 23 with a 3mth old beautiful baby girl!
my msn address is
username tinkerbell

you are welcome to add me

mum2Paige- dob 24.12.2006

Hi there girls.....
I am 26 yrs old and I am a sahm to a 13 month old little girl named tahlia.

My msn is
Hey.. I'm 22, SAHM to Anastasia 4.5 months. Feel free to add me to your msn contacts. I wander past the computer quite often during the day.

My husband works from home and I'm always in the study bothering him!! Mayeb chatting to you will keep me out of his hair for five minutes!!

Chat soon
hi im 22 with 2 kids aged 2an a half and 16 months.
i am from SA Adelaide.... i live in the northern area.... if ud like to chat here is my email

hope to talk soon
Hi, Im from marion area, mum to 5 month old boy... always looking for a chat to other mums/mums-to-be!! Anyone who is up for a chat feel free to add me.
hi that sounds good.
I live in Elizabeth and proud of it. My little girl Mia was born on 25/1/07.
My MSN Address is

Kate & Mia (25/1/07) Adel.

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