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Anyone in Modbury Lock Rss

I was just wondering if anyone on here is from Modbury?

Mummy to one big little man!!

Not in Modbury but not far from it.

How far along are you?
Hello, I'm just down the road in Windsor Gardens.
I should really mention that I am pregnant with my first baby, due on Aug. 15th 2006..... (and have been told I'm expecting a boy) this your first baby?

I wouldn't mind meeting anyone in TTP for coffee. I've only lived in Adelaide since November and don't know many people, especially as I'm not working. (I'm from England). If there are any takers, I'll post my e-mail address for you to get in touch.

Down the road in Holden Hill but have started using Civic Park to meet mums I meet online.
My kids love it there.
I took the boys on a playdate there last week.
If you ever want to meet up there pm me and I will give you my e mail address.
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