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if any of you mums live near or not to far away from the mount (in south australia) there is a nice cheap place to buy nappies...

nappies for less on alexander street....

its a good place to get baby goods... nappies and stuff... i didnt check prices on other things but i know the nappies are CHEAP.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

i live in the mount but i find the supermarket is cheaper when on special
It depends on the brand of nappy you use. I used to use Snugglers of huggies but have found the Factory seconds nappies are just as good (there the seconds of huggies and snugglers and other major brands) the big difference is that the Factory seconds work out anywhere form 8-15cents a nappy cheaper. At the moment I pay $20 for 108 nappies thats 18.5 cents per nappy. They have other brands as well but belive me if your child gets the gastro bug that around at the moment factory seconds - you'll love them especially when you end up changing your childs nappy every hal hour!!!!!

Tammy, Georgena and Alexander

Hi Mount Gambier ladies
I also live in Mt Gambier and use Baby Love (find them cheaper in packs of 60's from Woolies) during the day and Huggies (bought on special) at night. So far no leaky nappies!

In April after #2 is born, I thought I may try the Baby Love newborn's instead of Huggies. Has anyone tried the Baby Love newborn's?

Baby love newborns are just as good

Sarah, Mum of 2 boys

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