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torrens house - any info appreciated! Lock Rss

Having awful troubles with DS2 sleeping over night. Have tried everything (and Im not exagerating). Our CYH nurse has given us all she can and has now said as a last resort she can refer us to torrens house. I am reluctant to go there mostly because its for a few days and DS1 has terrible separation anxiety with me (hes 2) and although I might be helping DS2 sleep issues it will only make DS1 worse. Also I have heard that they mostly use CC on older babies and hes almost 10 mths. CYH nurse tried to assure me they dont, but I have heard otherwise! Have tried CC and he responds very badly to it. He has reflux which doesnt help and has had numerous other health issues too.

Just want some info and/or advice from anyone thats been there etc....

Hi there i went to torrens house when my ds was 5 months and it was the best thing i ever did. Mind u he did fail sleep school in my eyes and still doesnt sleep all nite but it gave me time to relax and sort some issues out i had. They supply meals and no child to eat with it was weird but great.

U can leave at any time if u r not comfortable but yes it is cc but they older kids really did adjust to it. Its apersonal choices but if u leave it too long he will be too old to get in.

Give it a go if u dont learn anything atleast u have a rest not thinkingm about cooking cleaning just u and ur bubs

Jaymee 26 01 04 Blake 13 07 07 29/7/09

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