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recently single mum looking for new friends Lock Rss

I'm a recently singled 33 yr old new mum (Emma was born in March this year), and am looking to meet new friends with similar circumstances if anyone can offer any assistance as to the best place to find new mothers groups, or if there are any on here from northern suburbs adelaide to join. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks

Tracy, SA, DD 15/3/04 & TTC #2

Hi Tracy,
My baby Aidan was also born in March, and though I'm not a single Mum, I do live in the northern suburbs.
I joined a mothers group started by the local Child Youth Health (Salisbury) when our babies were around 2 months old. To start with, we met weekly at CYH run by a nurse. Now we just plan get togethers every now and again.
TTP Hoyts have a Mums & Bubs session every month and we usually go to that.
I don't know a lot of people with babies, and I'm always keen to get out and about with my bubs and meet other mums.
I'm not sure if there are any groups already started by Huggies Mums, but I'd love to meet others too!

Thanks for the reply Kim, and for the information too. I tried my local CYH but they werent doing any groups so I will contact the Salisbury Branch and see if they can help out. I didnt know that TTP Hoyts did anything so thanks for that as well. I'm not looking just to meet single mums, just anyone around the same age with similar kids age.

Tracy, SA, DD 15/3/04 & TTC #2

hi my name is sunshine and my little girl named serenity was also born in march. i husband and i split about a month ago. i am currantly staying with my parents on an aborigional communityin the top of SA. but will be moving to adelaide in the next few months and would love to make some friends before i get there. you can leave a reply on here or email me at [email protected]

sunshine, geraldton,serenity born 17/3/04

hi sunshine, just thought I'd let you know, ive written down your email address and will send you an email in the next few days. thanks for replying, look forward to chatting to you more. my email is [email protected]

Tracy, SA, DD 15/3/04 & TTC #2

Hi Tracy,
I have 2 boys, 16months and 1 month. I live in the Northern suburbs and actually help to organise a social group for mums at Salisbury CYH. We are part of the Friends of CYH organisation, we meet on Tuesday mornings from 10am to 12pm, at the Salisbury CYH building on Wiltshire St. It is a very informal group, a coffee and chat type thing, where we can all get together and let the kids play and get out of the house for a while. We have a range of ages in the kids and everyone lives in the local area so it can be a good way to meet other mums. So drop in any time you like. My name is Jo by the way. If you have any questions my email add. is [email protected]

Jo,SA,mum to Zachariah 27/6/03 and Jaydon 28/9/04

Hi there,
Im 31 years old, a single mum and have a 7 month old boy also born in March this year. I am always trying to meet new people especially with kids of similar age, and mums in a similar situation to myself. I live in the NE suburbs of Adelaide. My email address is [email protected]
take care,

Cara, SA, 12mth baby boy

Sorry to hear about your split, i know what its like to be a single mum i've been one since bai was born, my ex and me broke up two weeks before she was due, and i had quite a bad breakup and all that but things do move on you just have to find a way to deal with it all, i think being a single mum is great its you that gets all the hugs and kisses! Theres lots of times when it would have been great to have someone else to share things with but so far i have managed fine with the help from friends i have made through msn group adelaide young mums2 its been a great place for friends and advice and has really gotten me through some really down stages as i suffered from pnd.
If you ever need a chat or advice on anything, (i've done lots and lots of research about family court and custody)
my email is [email protected] or [email protected]

DD Bailey 24/04/04 DS Hartley 29/11/06 SA mummy

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