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Help i smoke Lock Rss

Have you tried Champix? I'm in Week 4 of taking the tablets and have not been smoking for the last 2 weeks. They really do work. Talk to your GP about it, or do a search for them in Google. They do have some side affects like nausea, headaches, can affect your sleep but you are not guaranteed to get them. I find it I take my tablet just before/after eating then there is no nausea. It did affect my sleep for the first week or so, in that I found it hard to get to sleep. But I'd say its definitely been worth it. The full course goes for 3 months. Also its subsidised by the gov. if its the first time you've taken it. The first month of tablets cost about $34. I'm not sure if the 2nd two months are the same or not, as I need to get my script this week for them.

My DFgave up a few months ago using NLP. It's similar to hypnosis, but not the stereotypical watch-the-clock-your -eyelids-are-getting-heavy type of thing, more a subtle power of suggestion thing. He did it through the health and wellbeing centre in Glenelg with Tom Maroney. DF said the big key though is that he was ready to give up, just needed help. So if this is you go for it. They also offer a guarantee so you can go back for further sessions if nec, but DF only had 1 90 min session and, fingers crossed, hasn't touched a cigarette since.

Best of luck to you smile

I am trying to quit too...its the first time i have tried and first up i am trying cold turkey...yeah thats right i am crazy....but its going ok i had my last smoke on new years day and havent had one since...dont get me wrong i have been tempted to buy a packet at the supermarket but I havent caved yet!!!

Fingers crossed i dont get too crazy without them!!!

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