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i think we sould all make a convo on msn and get as much mothers in there so we can get to know each other at the same time while meeting new mothers also that we havent meet before. we will all meet two days on msn and get in a covo all together what days would suit you all so we can all get to know each other better and we can all pass on our expiriances on to each other and give each other advice. see if you have mothers already on your list you can invite them in the room and they can also intive there mother list on the room and so on

Tell me what you think about my idea.
What day would suit you all

Hi Cassie!

Im Kylie, 22 and mum to Lachlan who is 2 years old.

Im the manager of a msn group, Young Mum From Adelaide.

We have quite a few members and once a week, if not more, we all join together in our private chat room for a good gas bag!

The address is
If you interested!

Just apply to join and either myself or one of the assistant managers will accept you in

Hope to see you soon!

Hi there! My name is Lionie and I live in Adelaide, South Australia. The Suburb that i live in is Hope Valley....

Taliah Daisy Beth Kretschmann

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