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Hi, I have 4 children, 8) Zachary 8, grin Brianna 6, tongue Hayley 4 and smile Ethan 23 months.I would love to just keep on going having lots if kids, but I think we will just have one more next year. I would love to hear from other mothers with large familiesor the desire to have a large family.

Stay at home mother of 4, SA

Hi there, Its nice to have a large family I have Ricky 11,Morgan 10, Luca 20mth and one on the way in july . Need to get people mover now so we can all go out buts its all fun more the merrier

KAREN - R 16/94 M 31/96 L 8/04 L 12/06

Hi there I`m Tracey and we have a large family,we have 5 adorably beautiful children. 3 boys and 2 girls 9,7,4,3and 10 weeks.I still want to have more children.I always get people thinking`I`m crazy for having more children it makes me feel quiet uncomfortable does anyone else get this. I love spending time with my children and love the funny things they do or say I think it`s the best thing in the world,nurturing and loving your child with all of your heart.When we go out we often get the looks and comments of `don`t you guys have a t.v we just say yes but we don`t watch a lot of it.I just don`t understand how people can be so rude,I would never say anything like that I feel you do what you feel is right.


Hi my name is Amanda and i have 3 children, Brayden 6, Taylah 2 and Jessica 8mths. My partner also has two girls with his ex, so when they come and visit we have a whole clan. Would like to talk, you can email me at [email protected]
Hello Ladies...

I am a single mum to 4 children. Paige (9), Caitlin (7), Hannah (4) and Cooper (3). We live in the Northern Suburbs.

I have a boyfriend also, who has 4 children in his care full time. 4 boys aged 10, 8, 7 and 5. His two youngest children are autistic, which makes things hard.

My boyfriend and I do not live together due to the size of our families and the difficulties we have intergrating them, especially due to the autism.

I would love to get to know you all. Feel free to email me at [email protected]


Mother to four children aged 10, 8, 5 & 4

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