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Ladies fitness/self defence classes Angle Vale Lock Rss

Are there any ladies out there who would be interested in going to a ladies only fitness/self defence class in Angle Vale (5 minutes from Munno Para Shopping City)? There is a PT who works from home (he does Thai boxing classes during the week in the evenings) who is running ladies only classes on Thursday mornings at 9:30am. Cost is $9 a lesson with the 1st lesson free. He is an exceptional trainer and his classes are a mixture of cardio, strength training and self defence. If anyone is interested in attending 1 morning (I go to his thai boxing classes in the evening and the morning class for support to the other ladies who attend) let me know and ill post his address smile

Mummy to 3 little goblins

By some chance is this still occuring and what evenings does the thai boxing occur
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