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healthy snacks for hungry 13mnth old Rss

Hey Helzah here,

My little man, William, is 13 months and has lately changed his eating habits from eating nothing, to wanting to eat all the time. I've been giving him biscuits, grapes, sanwhiches, cheese, but am after some healthy, easy to make snacks, so i can keep up with his constant demand for food. If anyone has any please let me know, either on here or by e-mail:)

Thanks heaps

Mummy to William-5/04/05 and Harrison-9/02/07

Hey Helz

Go into "Toddler" "Feeding your Toddler" as there a lot of mums there that can help.

I would but as you know, Haley eats nothing!



eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

Hey ya Helz!! Long time no see lol

I have a strange child myself yet diff story he is hungry all the time and has been from day 1!!

He also doesnt like junk food either which i guess is a good thing ( not into happy meals or loads of biscuits and stuff)

So i try to give him a variety of foods from fresh cut up fruit, to dried fruits like Apricots, apples,pears, saltana's. yes my son is regular lol i have stuck away from prunes tho lol

I also give him natural yogurt ( hard one to give most kids! told you he was a little strange) he also loves things like cut up tomato's, cucumber, lettuce, carrots, celery things like that.

There are also i few reciepes for things like pastry swirls with fruit and things in them, yummy healthy things but with a bit of naughtiness to them. i'll have a dig through and if i can find them i'll e-mail them to you or organise our park day and give them to you.

Hope that helps? gasp)

p.s. Hi olivia!! give hayley a cuddle for me !! and when ya gonna cook for me??!! lmao! j/k

Katie, trents mummy,sa

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